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Uber Accident

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Injured in an Uber?  We Can Help.

Uber has advertised itself as “the safest ride on the road,” and that its drivers are more qualified and experienced than other car services.  When Uber drivers have caused injury to others, however, Uber has publicly taken the position that it is NOT responsible for the actions of its drivers.  Marcereau & Nazif are experienced trial lawyers who understand how to hold Uber legally responsible for the actions of its drivers.  If you have been injured while a passenger in an Uber, or if an Uber driver injured you while traveling in your own car, we can help.

The lawyers at Marcereau & Nazif have recovered millions for clients who have been involved in auto accidents — from relatively minor accidents to paralysis and wrongful death.  Please click here to learn why our lawyers are rated the best in the business.

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